GardunoGlass Studios

Albuquerque, New Mexico est.1995

The Making of GardunoGlass


GardunoGlass is a one man glass operation!

Dan "TheGlassman" Garduno

is the Featured Glass Artist and Owner of GardunoGlass Studios

"GardunoGlass started out making marbles, beads, pendants, and pipes"

Daniel Louis Garduno, more known as Dan "TheGlassman", has been a borosilicate glass artist since 1995. He learned his trade in Albuquerque, New Mexico, right out of high school. He was the first student taught by local legend Brian Bentley. Having been an artist of many mediums before glass, "TheGlassman" was able to incorporate his artistic talents into the art of glassblowing, more specifically known as lampworking.  By 1997 he started teaching several of his friends, some of which have gone on to make names for themselves in the glass art society.

In 1999 "TheGlassman" performed his first live public demonstrations at the 2nd
Street Arts Colony in Pomona California. He helped with the Grand Opening of Moon Maiden Glass Studios by doing live demonstrations and entertained a crowd of close to 100 onlookers. This was the beginning of live demonstrations for various art galleries, festivals, and other public events. In 2008, GardunoGlass was voted "Best Glassblower" in Albuquerque's local publication, The Weekly Alibi's "Best of Burque's" Awards edition. And in 2010 he took the title of the "World's 1st Glass Drip Tip Maker" in the vast growing electronic cigarette / vaping community.

Now GardunoGlass is known for quality Art Glass Gifts & Lessons

Currently, GardunoGlass operates as a wholesaler/retailer and instructional studio, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.

GardunoGlass is distributed locally, nationally, and  worldwide, and is known for it's affordable prices and various creations of unique jewelry and body jewelry, sculptures, collectable pipes, adult toys, and various custom orders.


GardunoGlass is the creator of "The World's 1st Glass DripTip"!

"TheGlassman" has invented a few exclusive items only available through GardunoGlass and now Kosmic Glass, including:

The Glass Drip Tip, The UFO Pipe, The Personal Hookah, The "Gandolf" Sherlock, The Necklace One-Hitter Pipe, The Journey Pipe (Snowboarders pipe), the Pyrex Connects pipe, the smokeable chess set, the mini glow stick pendant, dred wraps, hot air balloon pendants, color changing cone incense covers, sheesha hookah bowls, floating marble table top fountains, and More to Come!


You may visit GardunoGlass Studios by appointment
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