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Albuquerque, New Mexico est.1995

GardunoGlass Studios

Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

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-Lampworking with Borosilicate Glass-


Private Lessons are $40/hr

or 10 hours for $300

NEW YEARS SPECIAL!!!      --------- Beginner Course for only $250 (10 hrs) ---------- (exp. 1/31/12)


Try The 1 Hour Crash Course for Beginners for Only $40!

Learn how to make a mushroom pendant in 1 hour or less!  No experience necessary!

In 1 hour I'll teach you how to make your very own mushroom pendant.  Learn how to get the mushroom inside the clear glass pendant and how to form a loop on top for a necklace  You also get to  keep the finished glass pendant you make as a souvenir!  All for only $40!


Beginner Course - $300

10 hrs total  1-on-1 Lesson

Learn the basics of melting clear and colored glass rods together  with a torch, and how to use those techniques to make jewelry, beads, marbles, small sculptures and more!


Advanced Lessons are $30/hr

Use the basic techniques learned in the beginner course to make larger items, like vessels, bottles, goblets and more!  You can request to learn specific types and styles of glass at this time!

If you wanted to focus on bead work, we can do that!  If you want to focus on wine glasses, we can do that too!  I'll help you advance into the direction you want to go with your glass art!

Beginner Course must be taken or adequate prior glass experience needed before taking advanced lessons.


Full Advanced Course *$2500 (Save $1500!!)

This course takes you from the beginner level all the way into advanced lessons. You will be taught many different techniques in order to teach you various styles and forms of glass to give you enough knowledge to choose which direction you'd like to take your glass artistry into. Then we can refine your skills in that area of  glass making.

This course is 100 hours total time and will take a few months to a year to complete, depending on your availability and frequency of lessons.

*There is a required $500 materials fee which gets you most of your own torch set up and tools.  This will allow you to practice on your own time from your own studio, or from renting space at GardunoGlass Studios.  It would be wise to invest the $500 savings into your own equipment right away to be able practice as often as you'd like at your own home studio.


 Payment plans can be set up for as low as $25!

Don't let $$ Get In The Way Of Your Art!





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